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Right Idea, But the Timing Seems Very, Very Wrong

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I am no expert on national programs. The programs that are meant to provide some relief for families at or below poverty level. It is my sincere hope that they exist. We know of several NGO based groups setting up food banks and providing clothing and basic medical supplies, but talk of what this administration is doing to directly and immediately to help its’ owns citizens remains unclear.

Introducing “We Love Bali” now seems a bit odd to me. Well intended, but is the timing right? Many tens of thousands are unemployed or working for 25 – 50% of their normal wage and families are struggling. So we need 4400 Social media influencers to get free holidays to Bali to post their tales across the platforms to draw a crowd that, for the most part, is months away from being able to enter Bali as tourists? So we are promoting tourism, but we can’t really provide it. A bit strange.

Social media influencers have supplanted DJ’s at the top of my list of People: Types of Which We Need Fewer. Like being paid ridiculous sums of money for arranging some songs into a playlist that someone else wrote and performed, an influencer does what? Posts a photo of themselves eating lunch in Nusa Dua? C’mon. Who actually cares? Funneling 2 million USD into this project is laughable. From where do these influencers come? Who are they targeting? The answers are not clear on this either.

For all of the money that Bali brings into Jakarta, one would hope that Jakarta would in turn invest in the people of Bali to lift them up, return them closer to where they were before the Plandemic shut us down. No, let’s get a range of low budget, free meal-seekers, to come in and splash photos of $12 glasses of wine and $14 cocktails, in the hopes that people will book now and travel later. Look, fair enough, the airlines and hotels need some cash flow. And this little stimulus will help them. But who benefits? The people who own hotels. Like they need our help more than Made and Komang. Run the program, for sure. We will see upticks in many of the categories that matter to the Hotel & Restaurant lobby. But I say match that investment (or double it) and physically distribute cash and food to the people who need it most. Who agrees?

Rant over.

We will return to our regularly scheduled informative articles about the real estate business in Bali next week. Maybe : ))

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