Upgrading Your Home Office Space

Bali Property Report:Making Your Home Office Work

Many of us are dealing with it right now; the gradual realization that there very well be a shift of working in the office to working from home once we all return to the new normal.  The “new normal” involves social distancing and for those of us working in non-essential industries, we are encouraged to work from home as much as possible. But how to make it work? How does a kitchen configure into a smart office space from where you can work relaxed yet effectively? We’ve put some thought into it, (myself in particular, as my home office is real quite enjoyable).Here are 4 tips that might come in useful:

  1. Choose your spot wisely and commit to it
    Most of us don’t have a home office and we need to improvise a little to create an office space that works for us. One minute sitting at the dining table, then moving to the sofa and then upstairs in a quiet room doesn’t work. At home, there are many things that can distract us and it’s easy to keep yourself busy doing nothing like just grabbing coffee, making a sandwich, quickly checking up the news, and so on. That is why we need to choose our working space wisely and stick to it. Even if your home office will be at the kitchen table, it could work as long as you’ve committed yourself to it. Make sure to create a comfortable working environment with a desk chair, adequate lighting, and a table that has the right height for computer work so that you can type without strain.
  2. Declutter your working space
    To keep yourself focussed on your work, there is something very important you need to do: declutter. It may not seem that essential but it is! Get rid of all the small stuff laying around. Make your home office spot clean, neat, and orderly without distractions. Have all your home office essentials nearby and get rid of everything else. Simple things can make a huge difference sometimes!
  3. What’s behind you?
    Working from home often involves video calls and online meetings. Remember, the people your talking to – your clients and colleagues – don’t just see you, they also see what’s behind you. Do you want them to see your dirty dishes or laundry piled up behind you? Of course, you don’t! Design your background with care, perhaps decorate it with a nice art piece or bookcase and think of adequate lighting.
    (not quite what you might call ‘decluttered’, but you can see why I am in no hurry to surround myself with four walls)
  4. Design your working space how you like it
    While in the real office, the music of your choice, scented candles, and other things are unthinkable, in your home office, you can design your working environment as you like. Play music that doesn’t distract you but keeps you focussed and inspired, burn some incense or open the windows to let fresh air in. Make sure you feel relaxed and have everything you need within reach of the hand including drinks and snacks to avoid walking up and down to the refrigerator. Now, you’re all set to make this home office work! Perhaps it is also a good idea to put an inspiration board somewhere visible? You can put some reminders and to do’s but also put stuff that inspired you and makes you happy like photos of loved ones and goals for the future.

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 Closing Thoughts

As the countries of the world are now beginning to open their borders to one another – albeit at first under close observation and regulation – it is our hope that the good folks of SEAsia and Oceania follow suit. Of course we are in favor of a fair amount of regulation, and while we adjust to what is required to adhere to the new travel policies and all of their ‘inconveniences’, let’s continue to keep in mind those amongst us who have not had such an easy time of the lockdown period. 


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