Time on Your Hands

Getting Our Houses in Order :

It just might be time to declutter and get reorganized 

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Little details matter! If you are in the market to sell then the extra time that you are spending around your home these may just be the right to time to reorganize your home a bit; do some repainting where needed, take care of long-overdue repairs and tweak the place up in any way you can. For a reasonably small investment, the walls and ceilings can be made spotless, bright and clean. Gardens can be planted, replanted, pruned and refreshed. Just ask my wife, the list goes on and on!

However, if you can use some of this new found time to put some sweat equity into your home, once this lockdown is over, you can put your house on the market straight away and it just may have those little advantages that separate it from the other choices your buyer is considering. 

Home staging

Home staging your Bali Villa means making those adjustments to make your home as appealing as possible to the widest buying audience. Repaint the walls in neutral colours, put into storage as much of your personal collection of “stuff” that you can and take care of the little repairs. Look at your home through a new pair of eyes. If you were buying your home today, what would you request of the seller before you commit to terms and agreements?

You can rearrange furniture and use tactics to make the house more bright and make it seem more spacious (you can find great tips on the internet or ask advice from your realtor if you already made a connection before this lockdown kicked in). You want your home to look as ‘Instagrammable’ as possible; beautiful with a homey touch but never too personal. Try making your living room look like it comes straight out of a magazine. Throws, pillows, candles and vases  all add a bit of comfort without being too distracting. Choose carefully and remember the good old saying ‘less is more’. Become your own interior designer – it’ll be fun and it’s great preparation for after the lockdown when the economy starts to blossom again. After the rain always comes sunshine.

Decluttering during lockdown

Decluttering your home might be the best thing to be doing during this crazy lockdown. Sort stuff out, get reorganized, allow yourself to feel a little melancholic if needed. In our busy lives, it is easy to forget about the necessity of decluttering. Before we know it, we’ve got a big house full of tiny ‘stuff’ we don’t really need. Knick knacks, clothes, outdated chargers, charging cables, adapters, the bottom shelf of the refrigerator, the closets, and again, the list goes on. We’ve started two boxes that will filled with shoes/clothes so that the next time we, or our neighbors, are hit with an earthquake/volcano, we hope to have a few boxes of useful ‘stuff’ for those who will be in need. It can be a heck of a tedious job but it’s therapeutic and incredibly relieving once you start and get most of it sorted.

Getting Our Houses in Order :

It’s time to declutter and get reorganized now that we can. The lockdown is the perfect time for it. We can even do it little by little, day by day and slowly we can feel we can lighten this lockdown burden which has been hoisted upon us. Whether or not you were planning to sell your beautiful Bali home, you are never wasting your time getting organized and clearing stuff out. It doesn’t have to cost you a dime and it’s a great way to spend those oceans of time we’re so suddenly swimming in.

To borrow a couple of phrases from the restaurant business, decluttering and staging are considered “front of the house” activities. Look for tips and advice about getting the “back of the house” in order in the days to come. Taken together, cleaning up the front and the back of the house can give you the competitive advantage you just might need to sell your home for the price that you want, or, if you are not selling, the exercise of ‘putting on a new pair of glasses’ to see your home in a different light just might be what the doctor ordered!


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