Thriving Business For Sale

Bali Property Report
Tremendous Business Opportunity that is Flourishing During the Shutdown


Few businesses can boast that their sales have INCREASED in 2020.


This particular business is one of them.

When we first heard about the concept, we were surprised to learn that such an enterprise actually works in Bali. But work it does! And quite well.

Sometimes we just don’t have the time for that dog walk. Or we will tell ourselves we will do the grooming next week. What if there was a kind of doggy day care business that could pick up the slack and fill in when you are not available?

Well there is! And the owner is keen to sell it.

The business assets consist of:

  • a lease on 1000m2 to house the park where the dogs play, swim and receive training
  • a small shop with a range of retail items including snacks, collars and chains and even aromatherapy oils!
  • a doggy villa; that’s right, they even get their own villa. There are currently 7 dogs in residence in a converted villa that serves as the boarding kennel. Staffed, well kept and just 100m from the park.
  • fully licensed PMA

The business services include:

  • daily activities, beach walks and play time at the park
  • obedience and agility training
  • aromatherapy
  • grooming, massages and the doggy spa
  • day car, semi-boarding and boarding
  • pet taxi service
  • birthday parties

The business revenue is SUBSTANTIAL; very good monthly cash flow and double digit ++ ROI. The model is set up to pay for itself in just under 2 years.

To learn more about this adorable opportunity to grow you bank balance, increase your social circle and create opportunities for growth (franchises???), please contact Patrick on +62 817 973 3031.