The Front Porch Used To Be Our Semi-Public Space

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I Always Loved a Good Front Porch

A slight tangent on front porches and then a bit about outdoor living in Bali’s new normal.

I originally come from a smallish town in Connecticut, about 50 miles outside of Manhattan, in a town that was first settled in the early 1600’s. Many of the homes in my town and the two or three towns around it that were founded at the same time, still have a lot of the older styled homes what a full porch preceding the entrance to the home. Depending on how close to the street you built your house, the porch became a semi-public place where people were free to drop in while passing by. Slightly before these days of texting before you call, right? A grand porch might have deeply cushioned rattan furniture that fit you like a glove from years of use and maybe a small 2-seat swinging bench. Lots of plants and plenty of space to entertain, but still intimate enough to be cosy. On the older styled ¼ acre plots, the scale would be smaller, but the warmth is not created just by size.

The porch was an introduction to the home, and you passed through it every time you came in or out of the house. As life became more modern, more fast-paced, the porch was phased out of the home design almost entirely. In our quest for privacy, efficiency, or something else, we entered the home through the garage or we parked the car out back if we could and came in through the back door or the side door.

A home in the tropics is very different from a home in New England though. While it may not be everybody, all the time, outdoor living is a key component to the tropical lifestyle. With the uncertainty about the future of global travel and people’s different thoughts, opinions and actions surrounding what measures are to be taken, one thing is clear. We are entertaining outside more than we used to.

A Second Story Balcony. Complete with a Dining Table for Four overlooks the waves in Canggu

The Ground Floor Outdoor Lounge is the Bali Porch. This One Segues out into the Garden and Pool

At homes all across Bali – from Canggu to Nusa Lembongan – the outdoor lounge has become a destination in its own right, perfect for soaking up the warm sun and shade with the cool breezes while entertaining in the new normal. Outdoors surely is the new indoors.

In Pererenan, Dining for 12, a Bar for 4 and an ocean view lounge seating 8 make up this outdoor living Shangri-La.

So while nothing can replace a good porch, the outdoor lounge in Bali is one of the better places that I can think of to ride out the storm that is the Covid tsunami. In the meantime, there are some very, very good deals to be done and it is never too early to start looking.

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