The Bali Property Market is Alive and Kicking

Bali Property Report:

Selling your Bali Villa During Unusual Times

Well it seems as though some parts of our global community are starting to come out of the cocoon. While time stood still for a while, there has been plenty of activity in the Bali property market with sellers going ahead with their plans to sell and buyers looking for that amazing deal. The Bali property market is alive and kicking, although there have been some interesting changes.

The work requires some additional creativity, however real estate agents in Bali can still do their job, interacting with potential buyers and sellers. Lots of this interaction has been online and when meeting in person, some precautions are taken as we usher in the new normal.

Lots of viewings are being held online which has proven to be quite constructive as it narrows down the first-selection of potential buyers quickly. Serious buyers can pop in for a real live viewing of the property soon after, although when coming from overseas they will have to wait until air traffic picks up again. At the moment, all flights from and to Indonesia are suspended until the 1st of June 2020.

Selling your Bali Villa Online

It’s not something new to sell your home online, especially not in Bali with many potential buyers coming from overseas. Selling your Bali Villa starts with online viewings which can be quite a strong marketing tool. The agent will call the potential buyer using Zoom, Skype or WhatsApp and walk them through the property while they can ask all of their questions. When a serious potential buyer is ready to put in an offer, the agent can start planning the real-live viewing which will be private or in a small group. The technology exists to make all of this happen – it’s really not that complicated – and it has proven to be highly effective.

How to Prepare for the Selling of Your Bali Villa

Having to stay at home doesn’t mean you have to sit still and do nothing. You can already start preparing for the sale, tweaking up the property in every way you can. Think of long-overdue repairs, repainting the walls to neutral colours and decluttering of the house which is all essential in selling any property. The place needs to be clean, sleek and depersonalized as if coming straight out of a home magazine. You can rearrange furniture, place some nice (but never too much) decoratives and do whatever you can to make the villa look spacious and bright. Not only is all this good for the selling of your Bali property but it’s also a therapeutic thing to be doing, especially during this crazy lockdown time.

In the uncertain times in which we are living at the moment, if you are still planning to sell your Bali Villa it is important to keep a close eye on the Bali property market and work closely together with your agent. At Bali Nirmana Property, we are ready to assist whenever, wherever, giving honest, up-to-date advice at all times.

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