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On Gadgets, Kitchen Designs that Sell and Useful Information in the Modern World

The bed descends from the recessed ceiling, turning the living room into the bedroom. The home office unfolds from the space beneath the staircase. The disappearing coffee table doubles are the clothes drawer. 

Clever companies have begun to introduce incredible technology into home design. Ori, a robotic furniture company short for “origami” that was founded in 2015, recently launched the pocket office: An almost 7-foot-tall sliding desk that, with the tap of an app, expands from a 30-inch-deep cabinet into a full-size desk with storage and library shelves. When sealed, it’s a sleek TV console with shelving and a Scandinavian aesthetic; when it opens, with the aid of a low-profile track system, it splits down the middle to create an office nook with a retractable desk on one wall and a bookcase and standing-desk setup on the other. This prompts people to say things like, “People are expecting more from their space.” I think that’s funny. But useful too!

Switching Lanes

Thought that all-white kitchen was timeless? Think again. Home design trends come and go — and in 2020, one look that’s on its way out could actually cause your home to sell for less.

Here’s a look at five design trends you’ll be seeing more of this year and next.

Interior design experts agree; floral prints in bold, contrasting colors have made the big comeback in 2020,particularly on large billowing fabrics, like drapery, as well as chairs and throw pillows.

Forget statement walls – 2020 has been about statement floors. From bold colored geometric tiles to soft herringbone-style hardwoods, include some cool floors in the next project, especially in bathrooms and and laundry rooms, They are a great way to make a small space pop, without adding clutter.

Homeowners and property developers are gravitating toward modium and light wood cabinets, particularly with flat fronts and clean lines. The warmth, texture and natural element wood cabinests add help make the kitchen space more inviting. 

From warm reds to caramel browns to soft beige, moodier color palettes, both on the walls ans in artwork, are back in vogue.

What kind of drawer pulls and light fixtures do you want with those wood cabinets? Matte metal! Homeowners are moving away from shiny silver- or gold-accented kitchen hardware — they can make the space feel cold.
On All Things Tech
The level of technical sophistication in the real estate markets of the more developed nations makes me envious. I still occasionally read newspapers from America, albeit in digital format. Not necessarily to get my news, but to improve my understanding of how many of my fellow Americans have come to think and believe what they actually think and believe. It is equally incredibly interesting and horribly sad at the same time. I digress. However, while scrolling through the New York Times over the weekend I came across some interesting stuff in the Real Estate Section that had me daydreaming about what our developing market could be like if we had access to this kind of information.
At the most basic level, a central registry of all real estate listings market wide under one URL. Similar to, Domain, Zillow and the like. Several companies have tried to create such a portal for SE Asia, however, and this is shocking, in the very rich tech-savvy culture of SE Asia, none of these portals would be described as ‘outstanding’. We’ve got our listings posted on these sites and we maintain our presence with the odd promotional push, however the performance and flexibility, along with the simple aesthetic and ease-of-navigation of these sights, lags way behind what our overseas colleagues have at their disposal.
For example, one company has designed and sold software designed for tracking real estate inspections and transactions, using that information to improve the market for EVERYONE. Mountains of data are now easily managed from a national central database, and the analysis of this data is willingly shared throughout the market. The key ratio? The number of inspections compared to the number of listings within a certain range of style, price, location and interior design. When is the ideal time to list your home for sale? At what price? Why? What has sold for the same? It would be nice to remove the subjectivity of our property valuations methodology to create a higher level of certainty for both buyers and sellers.
There is even one company that measures the lockdown’s effects on the real estate market by examining where renters and buyers find the most indoor space, by counting adults moving back home with their parents, by tracking late housing payments, by revealing pandemic home design trends and by looking at the supply (low) and demand (high) that has created a seller’s market in the USD 500 – 1 million range. Our market has a similar lack of good quality in that range, and I am sure that it has caused many to wonder of they have listed at a price that is too high. Or even too low. 
This is the Age of Information, although my beloved would submit that this is the Age of Aquarius, and those who use the best information available to make their most informed decisions are going to find themselves at the head of the line. In Bali, those of us in the industry dream about those days to come. For you, the enquiring buyer or the willing seller, the next best alternative is to align yourself with a professional who can help you discern the truth from the heaps of information and opinion that crowd our airwaves, narrow the range and pull the trigger on your slice of paradise.

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