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Bali Property Report:
What is Your Strategy and Who is Helping You Out?

There are dozens and dozens of ways to make money investing in real estate, and no one course is the “right” way for everyone. The cliché “It takes money to make money” rarely rings more truly than it does when it comes to real estate investment. However, this by no means indicates that those of us with modest savings and a conservative outlook can’t get in on the action either.  Here, in some pretty basic but useful language, are 2 of the most common approaches. Which one do you favor and how can we help?

Best low-risk strategies for beginners

Beginning real estate investors should stick with proven lower risk strategies.

  • Proposing lease options. This strategy allows you to make a commitment to buy a property with almost no money down and with an extended period of time to arrange financing.
  • Flipping Villas. This strategy allows you to make money by finding motivated sellers who need to sell quickly. They are willing to sell for way less than market value. You then “flip” your contract to a new buyer who will pay you more than what you agreed to pay. In our market, you may have to have a bit more patience than you would in your home market, however, the upside is very much worth the wait. In most cases you never put a dime at risk.

 Profitable strategies for more experienced investors

Investing in the Holiday Rental market can be the most profitable option for more experienced investors. Just be aware that higher profits may carry a somewhat higher risk. The daily rental market will take several more months to fully recover, and there are a variety of levers that can be pushed or pulled to stitch up the right deal for you today.

Refurbishing is also for more experienced investors. While that market is dominated by property titans who live locally, if you know what you’re doing, you can usually make bigger profits than with flipping house, but you also have more potential risk.

Many investors enjoy buying and holding single family houses as rental properties. That way you can get cash flow every month/quarter/year, some decent write-offs, and a large profit when you decide to sell.

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