Preparing for the New Normal

What Will Our Future Offices Look Like When the World Reopens for Business?

One thing is clear, things are not likely to be the same when countries OK getting back to work and they begin to reopen their borders. The virus – and more to the point, the global reaction to it – has changed the world in ways we once had the luxury of never having to consider. Now that so many people are working from home and we are looking at some “new normal” uncertainties in the near future, fundamental changes are inevitable. Social distancing is the new trend and we might have to do elbow bumping instead of shaking hands in the office for awhile. Every employee who is still in their public work place has been advised to create a six-foot radius of space around him or herself and of course those of us who work from home have all got our own little bubbles in place.

How long will social distancing be a guideline we follow?Who knows? We also foresee the need for more innovative technologies to avoid or at least minimize touching buttons and surfaces. You can already imagine our offices need a really smart make-over. What will our future offices look like?


To be able to live and work in a society where we can maintain the oh-so-important social distancing, we need to alter the designs of our offices and create lots of space! No more ‘hot-desking’, overcrowded workstations, elevators and big conference rooms.

New building materials

In this early stage of the outbreak, we already know that metals like copper, brass and bronze are self-sanitizing and they may even be able to kill the coronavirus as they kill many other bacterias. These old metals might be on their way to a great revival when integrated in the designs of new office spaces. Furthermore, we need smooth surfaces that are easily wiped and sanitized instead of chic textured surfaces that could harbour germs.

 Sensor-activated controls

The fewer surfaces and buttons we need to touch, the better. Doors and elevators are best opened by the wave of hands, without touching anything. We need more sensor-activated controls and innovative technologies!

Air-circulation and filtering

Air-circulation and the filtering of air are another major focus points in order to fight the spread of pandemics like COVID-19.

Working from home is the new office

While before the outbreak of the coronavirus only a small percentage of the world’s work force would (partly) work from home, we could now be looking at 25% of office workers continuing to work from home at least a couples of days a week. The team could be split into 2 teams, working in the office on different days. Offices may have to look into creating informal office spaces where employees can call in remotely for a Zoom meeting or Skype gathering.

We at Bali Nirmana Property are already making plans and adjustments for when Bali reopens for business as usual, and while we are not overrun with client inspections st the moment, our team spirits are high and productivity is holding firm and even enjoying the occasional spike!. We cannot wait for the world’s doors to reopen and get back to Bali the way it ought to be.#staysafestayhealthy


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