Inside is the New Outside

Bali Life in the Time of Covid-19

The sun is out in all of her glory, the island is quiet and the beaches are more beautiful than ever. We are all – for the most part – indoors, for outside the new rules of engagement in these pandemic times have taken a hold. Together we adjust to our daily routines and responsibilities

under the challenging current conditions. One piece of good news to come out of this so far? Nature is given a well-deserved break as animals are starting to expand their borders and the air becomes so much cleaner with the sudden drop of carbon emissions. In Bali, we’ve just had Nyepi, a very special day of the year when the island of Bali is closed as the gods and the demons fly overhead and the balance between good and evil is restored. Nyepi is the Balinese New Year and it is an annual hard pause where nobody is allowed to work, cook, be out on the street or even burn a light after dark (resulting in a breathtaking, magical night sky with thousands of twinkling stars). It seems the entire world is in Nyepi mode these days. The tales of heartbreaking struggle and loss are difficult and our hearts go out to those in need. It is, of course, hard on all of us. However, I believe that the amount of good intentions and healthy vibes being shared amongst good friends and family now just may be the silver lining to all of this. After all, there is no light without darkness and vice versa.

Bali is not on a hard lockdown just yet, but life is changing! Beaches are closed. Shops, beach clubs and restaurants are shut down for the time being and everyone has been told to stay indoors as much as possible. We only go out for essential things such as groceries or for some of us, catching the plane back to our home country. One week ago, we would go drink a coconut on an almost empty beach in Seminyak. Drone footage from today showed a few dogs, the odd fisherman, but we saw nobody just walking the beach or hanging out.

For us, we are trying to enjoy this little mandatory slow-down the world has forced on us. Working from our beloved Bali home and together with the Balinese people, sending our prayers to the gods for better times to come. Somehow, Bali still seems like a good and safe place to be with the hot and humid tropical climate (something Covid-19 hates!). At home we are planting new gardens, eating healthier food, adding a little bit of exercise to the daily routine, spending more time in the pool, reaching out to friends and family by FaceTime, WhatsApp, Skype and ZOOM. While at the “office”, we are all working from home and staying connected, moving ideas and projects forward. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. And for us, that light is the sunset in Bali. We look forward to your return to share it with us!

Happy Balinese New Year!


this blog created on March 31st, 2020