If You Had 3 Wishes ….

Bali Property Report:
Are You Considering a (Bali) Home? Use This Time to Create a Wish List

Almost all of us have been spending a lot of time indoors, in our current homes. Perhaps spending all of this time at home has inspired us to redecorate or look for creative ways to make a home office work. Maybe some of us are dreaming of moving to someplace new or perhaps your mind is wandering off to finally finding that dream villa in Bali. If you were already planning to move or invest before the shutdown, now might be a great time to reflect on the place you are living currently and see what works for you and what doesn’t.

This reflection time can help you to find that perfect home you are dreaming of. For instance, you may want to think about living in a stairs-free environment now that you’ve been walking the stairs in your current home multiple times a day. Maybe you started to appreciate your garden more or that little balcony upstairs where you can sit and read on a lazy afternoon. Think about it, what does your new home need for you to be comfortable and happy during everyday life? Let’s make a wish list! Answering the questions below can help you to find out what you should be looking out for in your new Bali home:

Your current home: What’s working really works well for you and what doesn’t?

  • On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being total love, how much do you like your current home?
  • What are the best 3 qualities of your current place?
  • What are the 3 worst? What would you change immediately if you could?
  • How do you like the style of your home? Would you choose a similar design or go for a complete change? Traditional, modern, antique?
  • Do you have a favorite spot in the house? Which room is it in, what makes this spot so special and how would you look to duplicate or improve it in the next place?

Indoors: How good do you feel at home?

  • Going room by room, do you feel like you have enough space or is it too cramped?
  • What’s the layout of your home like? Is it one big open space or is it more compartmentalized and how do you like it?
  • What is the ideal number of bedrooms and bathrooms for you?
  • Do you have a single-story or multiple-story home? How do you like it?
  • How do you like the natural light that your current place delivers? Are you a morning sun in the kitchen person?
  • Is there a special room like an art studio, work-out room or office space you’ve never had but always wanted?

Outdoors: How does it affect the overall experience of living in your current home?

  • Do you have any outdoor areas in your current home and do you spend time there? How would you duplicate or improve on it in your next place?
  • How important is it to have outdoor space on a scale from 1-10?
  • Do you have a parking space like a garage or carport and do you need it?

The surrounding neighborhood: What do you like most and least about where you live?

  • Are you happy with the location of your home and the neighborhood? Consider all the aspects including nearby parks, activities, density, noises, walkability and sense of community.
  • Do you have easy access to grocery shops, hospitals, etc?
  • Is there enough activity around you? Is it too much or is it too quiet? What would you change?

If money didn’t matter, what does your new dream home have to have?

  • A huge garden or patio, perfectly landscaped and maintained at all times
  • A garage, art studio, home office or workshop
  • An extra unit to rent out
  • A decadent master bedroom with a bathtub to soak in at the end of the day

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