Bali Nirmana Property is a state of the art full service real estate agency founded on the old school principles of honesty, integrity and trust. While our brand may be relatively new, our team has over 200 years experience connecting people with their slice of paradise. We believe in hard, smart work and our focus is always on creating a WIN WIN outcome.



Bali is a very closely knit community which has attracted global attention since the early 2000’s when our industry enjoyed the most dynamic growth surge the world over. We are privileged to live and work in such an incredible environment and we take our commitment to both buyers and sellers very seriously. We’re not just building a business, we are building a life. We value the trust that is place din us and we work to honor that trust every day.

Because in our industry, trust is everything. This is why we emphasise the experience that our TEAM members bring to the table. Buying property in one’s own backyard carries all the risks with which we are familiar, but for many, the process of buying property overseas can expose a range of uncertainties and ambiguities which only an experienced agent can answer in such a way as to assuage the concerns of the buyer and guide them down a pathway that is safe, secure and filled with promise for years to come. As trusted agents to the global market, our experience provides the level of trust required to create a successful WIN WIN outcome.

Does that sound like a TEAM that you would like to join?

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