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Bali Property Report:
How do I Buy/Lease a Villa in Bali from Home?

First, Have a Good Close Look

These are strange times indeed, and we are all adjusting to living in this world so caught up in itself. As conditions are slowly getting better and we can begin to contemplate and fantasize about a post-pandemic life soon, for the time being we all still need to continue to adjust our lifestyles a bit here and there with more patience than we may be accustomed to. Lots of people are still working from home, we are having online meetings and gatherings and also property viewings are done virtually these days. How do you buy or lease a villa in Bali at this time? We’re here to answer some questions.

At this very moment, Bali is still not open for tourism and it is yet to be decided when the island will reopen again, allowing foreigners to enter and boosting the economy which is so very much needed. Some reports say as early as July, others say October. I am leaning towards October myself, albeit less than enthusiastically.

It is a commonly held belief that Bali is of one of the most sought-after tourist destinations in Southeast Asia and it’s a hot spot for foreign investors. Prices of land and property had increased heavily in the last decade. However, as the new normal rolls in, some have been forced to drop their prices significantly while others have held firm. In many cases, prices are coming down. In others, they are not. It is no wonder that more than a few people are looking into the possibilities of buying property now.

Unless you got stuck in Bali before the island shut down, the only way to view properties is online and so it is no wonder, you are thinking by yourself, how does this work? How can you get a sense of what the villa looks like just from videos and photographs? How does anyone ever buy or lease a villa without ever visiting it? Video tours are the new normal when it comes down to property viewings in Bali (and all around the world). However, while the luxury rental market is full of professional video footage for marketing purposes, unfortunately, it is not always the same for the regular Bali villa/housing market. You’ll see amateur videos (mine included) of properties with bad lighting, showing odd corners or zooming into details without showing the entire living space making it difficult to get a good idea of what the property really looks like.

Why not ask the listening agent (me) to walk you through the property on a video call. You can get lots of photos but what you should also definitely get your hands on is the villa’s floor plan. Take a good look at it to get a sense of the layout of the villa and how big the rooms really are. Do ask your agent how high the ceilings are, how far the windows are from the next building and from where the light comes in. Ask all the questions you need to ask and it might also be good to get the answers in writing.

Make sure you find a reliable real estate agent, ask everything you need to know and never be in a hurry. There are many beautiful properties on the Bali property market, so let’s go find that dream villa together! At Bali Nirmana Property, we will do everything we can to give you an excellent idea of the property you are interested in. Contact us at any time!

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