The process for acquiring a villa in Bali may be quite similar to the process of buying a house in your hometown. However, it may be quite different as well. As you may already know, only Indonesian citizens can legally own real estate in Indonesia. This is one of the cornerstones of the Indonesian constitution and this principle is not likely to change anytime soon. There are however, a wide range of options that our foreign clients have at their disposal to acquire properties of all kinds and enjoy years of uninterrupted use and rental income. See NEWS & ADVICE for the breakdown of options and to learn how to qualify.

Nearly all of our client based searches for villas begin with determining the best location to accomplish the Client’s goals

What do you want to accomplish with this investment? Is the villa meant to be a primary residence? Or a holiday house? Are you searching for an investment property? Or do our selections need to provide both personal use and investment income?

Bali has been at the global forefront in villa design since the turn of the century. Our market has been blessed with an expansive pool of tremendously creative talent. Whether the Client prefers traditional Indonesian design, cutting edge modernity, or a creative blending of the two, the complete range is on offer here.


Our clients have been acquiring land for a wide range of reasons over the years. The most common use for a block of land has consistently been to build themselves the villa of their dreams. The same laws that apply to acquiring villas also apply to land purchases, but here too our clients have an array of acquisition options at their disposal. Land banking has proven to be a very lucrative investment play here in Bali and while the ‘gold rush’ may be over in the south, there are still hundreds of options on offer to effectively bank land plots located in the north and the east.

There have been few things in my life which have had a more genial effect on my mind than the possession of a piece of land.HARRIET MARTINEAU

Most of our client based searches for plots of land begin with ascertaining the ideal location to accomplish the client’s goals, and given the variety of zoning regulations on Bali, it is best to learn early in your process whether the local government will allow you to develop the land to suit your purposes.

Does a plot of flat land suit you? Or would you prefer some gently sloping land? Do you want to look out over rice fields? Ocean views? Or are you more at home in the center of the village?

Our team at Bali Nirmana Property would be more than happy to guide you through your process of acquiring the land, choosing a qualified architect/contractor team, and assisting you to ensure that all of your paperwork is in order and that your permits are up to speed.


As the price of land in Bali’s most touristic locations increased dramatically between 2005 – 2015, the Bali market experienced an unprecedented rate of growth in the serviced apartment sector. Smart developers have secured prime locations in the more highly desirable areas (albeit at a premium) and they have created safe, secure, hassle-free apartment living for a broad assortment of foreigners and Indonesians citizens as well. From the sleepy white-sand beaches of Nusa Dua to the sizzling hot spot of Seminyak and out to the once sleepy little fishing/surfing village of Canggu, the choices are many and this sector in particular is one of the best buyer’s markets in our industry.


While not everyone was has been in favor of the growth of the hotel industry in the south of Bali over the course of the last 10 years or so, few would argue that acquiring a hotel in the right location is a bad idea. With a combined 10 million tourists expected to arrive in Bali in 2016, and expected growth rates to maintain the 10% per annum increase, accommodation providers are embroiled in fierce competition for holiday makers, both domestic and international. The business of owning the right hotel in the right area is an extremely rewarding one and more and more investors are asking how they can get in on it.