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At some point you are going to face it – your lease is not getting any longer and you need to start talking with the owners of your property in Bali to discuss extending your lease. Maybe you would like to sell the villa and you feel that a longer lease will be more attractive to the market, or perhaps you just want the peace of mind that comes with having a longer future in your Bali home. Check the article(s) in your lease agreement that cover the method to establish the price of the extension and realize that the language of the contract will likely not prohibit you from extending the contract ahead of the predetermined time frame set out…..

Buying Real Estate in Bali – The Leasehold Extension Dynamic Simplified



Whether you want to find yourself the perfect ‘Bali home’ to retire to or you want to buy Bali property for commercial purposes, either way, properties in Bali can be a great investment! Bali is exotic and beautiful, attracting people from all over the world to come over for holiday. Plenty of people find themselves coming back to the island again and again and the number of expats is increasing every year. Daily costs of living are cheap, the temperature is warm and tropical all year long, the local food is absolutely delicious and the list of good things goes on and on.

Bali Property Ownership by Foreigners- What You Need to Know Before Investing in Your Island Dream


In Seminyak, A Grand Five Bedroom Villa of Impeccable Quality

Seminyak Bali Villa for Sale. This luxurious 5 Bedroom Villa is located in a very fashionable and trendy pocket of Seminyak, yet still offers the seclusion, privacy and tranquillity that we all look for when deciding how and where to invest in Bali. Situated within a short walking distance to the beach, fashion boutiques and Seminyak’s chic homeware retail options, as well as a variety of health spas and a wide range of restaurants offering international and local cuisines, the location of this gem makes it a great family home or an incredible investment opportunity.

And lastly, but most importantly, this villa is offered on a Hak Milik/”Freehold” title that can be legally purchased by Indonesian citizens and foreigners alike.

*editor’s note: it was that last sentence that brought us an onslaught of replies ranging from people telling me that I am mistaken and do not know what I am talking about (neither of which is true, thank you) to a series of serious investors scheduling an inspection for a closer look.

** If you would like to learn how a foreigner can shop for properties that are offered on a “Freehold”/Hak Milik title, by all means, please reach out to us and we will walk you through it in 60 seconds.


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