Bali Nirmana Property Partners with Damara Bali Foundation Helping Bali Families in Need

Darma Foundation follows the principle that a loving family environment is always a better option than institutional care. Therefore, the Foundation fosters independence by finding sustainable solutions. In this way, we hope to build the strength of our community for a better tomorrow of families and children.

The Foundation believes in the concept of helping people help themselves instead of relying on handouts.
The goal is alleviate poverty in Bali’s rural areas by improving the household income of poor farmers and increasing the number of poor children able to get an education.

Bali Nirmana Property will donate a share of each commission we earn to improve the lives of Bali’s less fortunate by contributing to the Poor Children Program to provide books, uniforms and supplies to help further their education and to the Poor Farmer Program, providing local farmers with training to create more productive crops, and a cow. Yes, a cow. From the cow comes wealth for these impoverished farming families who reside in Bali’s less affluent areas.

To learn more about the Foundation and discover how for IDR 1.5 million rupiah you can make a difference in the life of one child, please click on the link below and follow the prompts.