Bali Nirmana Property and the Damara Bali Foundation

Bali Today:
What Happens Where the Spotlight doesn’t Shine?

The spread of the Covid 19 virus seems to be mandating that the world take a collective 2 week pause. We are currently on day 10 of our own self-quarantine and we are hoping that our readers are making the best use of their time.

The island is getting quieter, to be sure, and yet life still continues as always. Outside of the highly touristic zones where the spotlights do not often shine and news both good and bad travels a lot slower, the trickle-down impact of Bali’s economic downturn is now affecting the already impoverished local people in some very threatening ways. Generations of Balinese people have endured challenges that most of us have never had to consider, and this generation is no different – together we will surely overcome this disruption as well. But how? For those of us who can help, there are a range of very good foundations in place to provide support for the villages that exist on the fringes of Bali’s “jewel in the crown” economy.

One such group is the Damara Bali Foundation

DAMARA is a non-profit organisation, founded by I Nengah Swikrama, and proudly supported by Bali Nirmana Property. Our main aim is supporting a better life for the children from poor farming families in Bali. 

Damara Bali Foundation was established in 2015 and registered as a non-profit Indonesia Foundation (Yayasan) with the Indonesia Ministry of Law and Human Rights Indonesia No AHU – 0006690.AH 2015.

Swikrama grew up in an orphanage and received education thanks to the support of other people’s generosity. He has worked for over 30 years to assist children living in orphanages. For the last 8 years before starting Damara he was the Director of Widhya Asih, managing an organisation that provides homes and education to over 500 children and helps with many community projects.

It is now time to re-order school uniforms and supplies for the students in Karangasem. At the time of this writing, I believe that the Foundation can provide for dozens of children, however there are literally hundreds more who are in need. If you can find it within yourself, please feel free to click on the links above and offer what you can. Our readership can help to gather enough resources to send an entire village of children to school for a full year. We have just helped out the families of 6 children and we are now keen to purchase a cow that they can all  share. As there will surely be other concerns facing our beneficiary families, imagine how nice it will be for them to not have to worry themselves over school fees and the like for at least a year? Our Thanks to you in advance.


We will continue our weekly publications throughout the weeks and months to come. Sometimes we will discuss the Bali property market, and many times we won’t. Stay tuned in to see if we just don’t publish something that you find amusing, interesting, insightful or useful. Like this one below for example. Talk about taking control of your environment!