Bali Nirmana Property


Patrick was born in Fairfield. Connecticut into a large Irish Catholic family with five sisters and three brothers. After graduating from Fairfield University with a degree in Psychology, and twin minors in Philosophy and Religious Studies, he embarked on a career in the industry of his passion – golf. In 1992 he married the lovely Marsha Kathryn and raised their daughter Dallas Kathryn together.


After registering at a yoga instructor school Patrick and Marsha came to Bali in 2002. But because the Bali bombing, the yoga school was canceled. Therefore they decided to put some roots in Bali, to see how they could be involved in the recovery. By 2006 the island had resumed a sense of normalcy and Patrick turned his attention to the quickly expanding real estate market.

The next 10 years saw Patrick involved in settling over 500 property transactions in his role as property agent, General Manager and Director of Sales for two of the larger real estate brands on the island. 2018 turned out to be the year to join forces with some old friends and launch their own project, and Bali Nirmana Property was born, again.

Trust is the basis of any relationship, this is what Patrick believes. And in real estate, especially the ‘overseas’ estate, trust must be obtained. We look forward to earning you trust every day and we shall endeavor to earn it over and over again at Bali Nirmana Property.