4 Culinary Restaurants in Seminyak with Flavours from Around the World

In the past 5 years or so, Seminyak has become home to some of the most creative “foodies’ on the planet. Bali has long been an epi-center for ingenious designers and creators crafting clothing lines, jewellry collections, and globally recognized paintings and sculptures from artisans from all over the world. Food has become the new milieu, and the amazing choices are nearly limitless.

We have singled out 4 that stand out for more than one reason. Believe me, it was difficult to choose which four should make the collection as many great selections ended up on the cutting room floor for this article. But we will come back to this topic in the months to come as there are so many great spots to sample.

For a culinary evening out that just can’t go wrong – make your way to the following restaurants in Seminyak. With flavours from around the world, you will never get bored! Try them all:

1. Ginger Moon – Asian fusion

Exciting flavours, a gorgeous dining setting and professionally-trained staff at your service, Ginger Moon is a definite favourite located in the middle of Seminyak’s celebrated ‘Jalan Kayu Aya’ dining street (the famous Oberoi Road aka ‘Eat Street’). Head Chef Dean Kadell, 2018-winner of Best Chef by The Yak Magazine, surprises customers with an innovative menu where classic dishes from throughout southeast Asia are spiced up with a modern twist. You can expect delicate tropical ingredients and you should definitely go for a 3-course meal at least) with some delightful cocktails (alcoholic or non-alcoholic)! There is a great sharing menu as well, where you get to try a little bit of everything and it is highly recommended! Chef Kadell travelled around the globe and of all the things he learned, one of the most important things he noticed is that people are happiest when they are sharing food with loved ones. This discovery has been of great influence for the menu at Ginger Moon. Whatever you do, don’t skip the dessert and do order the Crème brulėe trilogy – it’s the tip of the day… You’ll love it!

2. Zibiru – Italian

Authentic Italian cuisine, locally-sourced fresh produce and organic wherever possible, Ziburu is probably the best Italian in Bali and it is also one of the most romantic restaurants with a starry rooftop terrace, live jazz music (3 nights a week) and a lovely garden. Zibiru is Located on Jalan Drupadi, just a short walk from Oberoi’s Eat Street and if you want to take your loved one for a special evening out, this is your secret spot to take him or her. Do note, this Italian restaurant does not serve pizza, it is all about handmade pasta, farm-to-table veggies from the mountains of Bali and premium cuts of meat and fish prepared traditionally following ancient Italian recipes from different regions in the north and south of Italy. Executive Chef Luigi Calcagnoin runs the kitchen and he makes sure that meat and fish arrive fresh every day, all the pasta is handmade from scratch, bread and pastries are baked fresh every day and they even make their own cheese. Pretty incredible, right? Enough reasons to go and check this place out, I would say.

3. Ryoshi – Japanese

Live jazz bands and delicious Japanese cuisine go together like cake and egg at Ryoshi in Seminyak (Jalan Raya Seminyak). Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, you better book yourself a table upstairs near the stage around 8 pm and you are in for a wonderful evening of delicious food and drinks and sensational jazz music. Sushi, sashimi, noodles, rice bowls, organic tempeh and tofu, bento box – make sure you’re hungry and order several rounds of food. Around 10 or 11 pm, you may find yourself dancing in the front as special guests enter the stage – it is a total party! This restaurant in Seminyak offers very good value for money, too. You have to come down here at least 1 Monday evening when RioSidik Quintet plays. Showtime: 9.15 pm. Reservation needed? Absolutely!

4. Merah-Putih – Indonesian

Mera-Putih is a traditional Indonesian restaurant in Petitenget and it is quite a spectacular dining venue. Not only is the food delicious, inspired by authentic Indonesian food yet infused with unexpected twists and flavours, the architectural design of Merah-Putih is also sensational, creating a perfect balance between visual design, eco-sustainability and functionality. There are indoor and outdoor areas at this dining hot spot on the Petitenget Strip and the food on the menu is all about sharing – family-style. Plates are set in the middle of the table and everyone gets to try a little bit of everything which is just what Indonesian home cooking is all about. The menu has a modern and traditional section – choose what you like – everything is mouth-wateringly good.